Frame Painting Tips

I am building up a fixie for Commuting and am looking at what paint would best suit. The bike will be chained up,carried around and most likely knocked around a bit.

Dan (at shifter’s) advice was to go with powder coating for the durability, but i’m also keen to investigate getting a good enamel job done.

Does anyone know of any Automotive garages or panel beaters that may paint up a frame or two? or any other handy tips?

Not sure about enamel but I had my frame powdercoated through Dan’s. The bike gets locked up at work and so far the finish is holding up nicely. Even the dropouts where the track nuts are gripping have not chipped.


Don’t kill the “man purple”!!!

shhh! It’s nothng against man purple, i’d just prefer black!

I had two frames powdercoated a few years back, through Cecil Walkers. Great finish, >$100 a frame from memory. They do have a few minor scars though, from locking up, 853 riding into me, me riding into light-poles, riding in a foot-down and other such shennanigans.

I just do touch-ups with a paint pen if I notice any little marks.

heh or a sharpie :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have been riding so close.

Anyway, isn’t your track bike painted?

Aye, that’s one I was referring to. Close inspection will reveal the paint-pen touch-ups. I’ve been happy with the paint jobs.