Frame postage perth to adelaide

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could give me a rough estimate to ship a frame and fork from perth to adelaide. Frame is a charge plug so nothing super light. Also what would you suggest putting the frame and fork in (like what/where to get a suitable box).


  1. At a guess around ~$50. Courier Quotes - Australian Courier and Integration Services
  2. Back of a bike shop after hours.

Also: FYXO - I hate surprises

hey viv,

get a box from your a local bike store, should be free.

seperate frame and fork, bubble wrap the fork, bubble wrap the frame, special attention around the headtube, seatstay and bb junction. brace front and rear drop outs.

you should be able to slip the fork in between the main triangle, which means the box you need to pack it shouldnt be very big.

cost should be around $50 depending on how big your box. This is via smartsend, door to door service.

might be cheap if you use greyhound etc, but ive only ever used smartsend.

cheers mangs!