Frame repair / modification

Looking to get a second set of bottle cages bosses put into a 1970’s framei live around Brisbane…any body know of someone that can do it…and will this bring my any problems in frame strength.?...It’s a 1750g for the frame / fork set that im building up for my new race roadie.

It’ll be fine, call a shop like Ridgways and ask if they can install Rivnuts. That’s the quickest and cheapest. Otherwise take it to a framebuilder (Joe Cosgrove) and have eyelets brazed on.

yeh i would want matching ones brazes into it…thanks for the help

Would have to be a very nice frame to make it worth the extra cost of brazed on mounts and the repaint.

i was kinda thinkin that too.

Keep it original- get hold of some bands to mount the 2nd cage on the frame- drilling holes into an old frame that may be little corroded is not a wise idea.

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it is a nice enough frame to go to the extra cost… a bottle cage and 2 hose clamps where suggested but seems a bit ghetto…and it already need to re painted son i wouold have then installed prior to that…still a little concerened about strength

Or this

Approx. $20. A lot less fucking around and no need to drill the frame

for what it’s worth I had Joe Cosgrove put some rivnuts onto a charge plug chromoly frame, I paid around $100 just because I was sick of the tie-on jobs like Elite VIP ones available on wiggle. They have little rubber bits that stop the straps from scratching up the paint job.

Bike shops were generally not interested.

You can have the Elite ones if you want them, I’m in Brisbane and don’t have a use for them anymore.