Frame Saver

I’ve got a new frame and parts on the way. Being from Canada I went out looking for a can of Weigle’s Frame Saver but I don’t think it’s available over here. Is there a recommended alternative?

go to repco, get them to get in some k+h cavity wax. if they don’t have it already. it makes a shit of a mess, but sticks like buggery and works really well. failing that any metal protector/cavity wax will work assuming the frame isnt already rusted. if it is you will need something with phosphoric acid, to passivate it n shiz.

Any hardware store will have an aerosol of Fishoilene.

The brand I got doesn’t smell at all.

wurth have a good cavity wax as well. avaialabe at Automotive retailers.

Thanks … I’ll hit Repco.

Also have a look at the INOX range of products. Available at most auto stores (Repco/supercheap/autobarn)