Frame suggestions - Building a bike for my girlfriend.


I’m looking to build a single speed bike for my girlfriend and she is very petite so I was thinking a 46cm frame would be the right size for her.

Its her first bike of this style so a second hand or reasonably priced new frame would suit, looking for something with more of a track feel.

Any suggestions on frames and where to buy would be awesome!



Where you located bro?

Located in Melbourne :slight_smile:

Fuji classic, about $599
On one pompino (not track but perfect ss) On-One Pompino Drop Bar Urban Bike about $999

Or a colossi gear frame built about $999

This sholud be your quote man!

pompino! My miss’s has one loves it, there great.

This is the Pub section.

Not anymore.

Dhoom bike isry the Terry website (google terry bicycles). There is a “buy/sell a used Terry” link there, and you probably will find a nice quality, small, used bike there.