frame thoughts

So after having my 2 month old IRO Mark V Pro destroyed in an accident i am yet again the the market for a new frameset.

would like.

  1. Steel
  2. Non-compact
  3. Preferably 1 1/8" headset.
  4. Drilled for Front Brake


surly steamroller.
i love mine.
everyone i know loves theirs.
great frames.

I’ve been impressed with this year’s fixed version of the complete Salsa Casserole. It costs abit more than the Surly complete but comes with nice looking (painted to match frame) stem and full chain guard.

I believe it is slightly compact.


another vote for surly steamroller.
im really diggin mine.

i picked up a steamroller frame with the cash i got off the ho that hit me. it’s pretty similar geometry to my previous frame, but with the added bonus of being new. i managed to swap almost everything out off my wrecked bike. i love it and can’t recommend it enough… !

EDIT: But yes, just sticker it, accessorise it or paint it up a bit for something different.

ok, so they’re common as dog turd, but they’re a great frame anyways.

you could always paint it to make it look different from every other one out there…


I’m loving mine. Basic and heavy, but tough as old boots.

Cheap if you order from US.

Sorry, only 1" headset.

What is your budget?

between $400 - $500, so not much.

I’ve been speaking to tony from IRO and he may be able to sort me a spare frame until the New Mark V Pros are back in stock. Just awaiting a reply as to an exact date the new frames will be in stock and ill go from there. He said “in the summer” so hopefully only a month or so. Might just have to wait.

After having my conversion destroyed at the start of the year and now this i’m getting sick of catching the tram to uni.