Frame wont ship to Aus, any ideas?

hey heres the track frame off ebay, you have probs seen them before. any ideas on how else i could get this frame shipped here? NEW OLD SCHOOL TRACK FIXED GEAR SS FRAME SET STRIPPER - eBay (item 200392355180 end time Sep-03-10 08:29:45 PDT) they have tight clearances at a great price.
anyone know somebody in america who would do it?

try this thread.
would love to get me one of these frames too…

i use in los angeles for freight forwarding, cheap and never had any issues

those frames arn’t worth it. they’re heavy and a dime a dozen over there. plus you’d still pay $200 in shipping

i shipped a frame and fork via my link above not long ago for $80 but i do agree these frames aren’t worth it at all

I hate to say it, but you’re probably better off with a VISP. :stuck_out_tongue:


*but you’re probably right

ah ugly shape, ive never been keen on visp, i had the chance to buy an alien frame off ebay the other night, such a nice frame, perfect.