im needing a new frame for my bike because its bent
anyone one got any suggestion that are mid price?

my brand new unused cinelli vigorelli 54cm 2010.
or i like the look of the affinity lo pro but havnt heard much about them.

your selling a cinello vigorelli?

whats a cinello??

i meant cinelli

Yeah i might think i want a mash instead.
Later this week i should get classified access so will talk about it then in appropriate area.

im doing the same thing, although i love my vigorelli

how much you sellin for any pics?

pm sent dont want to ruffle feathers in wrong thread.

Mash’s are no good, they get you no where!

what would you suggest?

nah Mash’s are pretty cool

few peeps on the forum have them

would u be thinking of getting the new colours?

personally i would get the new 2011 vigorelli, that shit looks sweeet!

hermes you own a mash haha
dayne i sent you a pm btw.

yeah looks killer but think blacks a us only colorway, although the dollar is stompin now.
thanks for pm

use the search function.

and if either of you two muppets try to get around the cooling off period again, i’ma permaban you both.