Frank 2

ironhorse frame i found on the side of the road on a very drunken walk home. collected it the next day. was going to sell it, but decided to keep it. bought some forks and a seatpost and then put it together using stuff i already had. it’s awesome. doesn’t weigh very much. is comfy. shreds pavement awesome.

(WI Eno Rr, M15 fr hubs, LX/Funn cranks, Purple kins headset, purple Ti bolts, Deda stem, Shorty 6 cantis)

Sweet build. Some would say overcapitalised for a curb frame, I think it’s rad.

Not really into MTBs but i dig it.

Me too. Interesting frame !!!

thanks guys, not really a mtber either, knobblys on road is fun though.

is what it started as FWIW, except with a rooted elastomer suspension fork.

and this was frank 1:

The big question is, when you were drunk walking home and found it… Why didn’t you just ride it then ha ha!

i tried, but there was no front wheel or rear tyre :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! Love it.

Rad. The reverse triple triangle is awesome.

Pretty sure justdave had an Ironhorse he converted to fixed too.

That’s SICK!!!

That seat makes me happy.

My favourite post your ride this millennia

If it’s fixed, you can vote for it for BOTY 2011.

has a flip flop hub, so could be fixed.
it’s more fun this way though

Horatio endorsed

Stevezero has it now, in Smelburn somewhere.

Agree. I had one of those iron horses a dozen years or so ago, in a lurid orange. Rode the hell out of it, still got some of the scars :cool: