Frankenstein/Multicultural Roadie

My roadie. It’s a bike with an identity crisis. It should have campy on it. But it doesn’t. So ner.

Colnago Spiral Conic SLX in Team Ariostea colours.
Sram Force group.
Mavic Ksyrium ES wheelset
Campag aero seatpost, campag record headset, campag downtube cable tensioners.
Look keo max pedals.
Cinelli 100mm stem
Fizik bar tape
Fizik Arione saddle

I like it. If only because I like older frames with updated running kit. But I think it’s also because the frame is sweet.

Photos aren’t working though. Just pull the .img urls from flickr rather than the flickr page address - Right click/double tap (if Mac) and select ‘copy image URL’ (or go to properties and copy the image address.)

Pictures please!

Sorry- fixed noob. Pics working?

pics by Gavin Bannerman of Biking Brisbane

Wow they’re working alright! I totally underestimated what this bike would be from the title, i was expecting some pub/beater but that’s sensational.

Very, very good.
Sram, FTW.

i am a fan.

I believe the term you are looking for is “rice and pasta”. Now that’s a spicy meatball!

mama mia! great ride…

Holy fucken hell dude! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
I think I just wet myself (in a good way) by looking at this.

Geez man, get some better photos… more graffiti / roller doors please…

I kid. This shits is gorgeous.

It’s ok… I guess.


Nice bike…!

everything looks fucking awesome in a light box. sweet ride man :slight_smile: