Fred-tastic pedals.

Does anyone make a Fred-tastic pedal that is either a flat pedal that is Time ATAC cleat compatible as well, or one side is flat, the other side can be used with ATAC cleats? I’ve only seen Shimano ones.

Time ATAC All Road Bike Pedals w/ Cleats

like that?

Yes. Thank you.

got those on my shark.

And you rate them?

I can use clipless or regular shoes. The platform is blue like the shark. Nothing else to say really. Oh, yeah, they’re a bit slippery in the wet.

Your only other option is the double sided ones with a large platform on both sides. (Time Z / X Roc S)


I’ll look into both. I don’t really like commuting in just flat pedals, but its nice to be able to wear Wallabees when I go out.