Free copy of Adobe Creative Suite 2 (v9.0)

I got a new computer yesterday and after hunting around for my replacement copies of programs, I discovered I have Adobe Creative Suite 2 (v9.0) for Windows. I installed it last night no problems. I can burn it to a DVD and post it out if anyone needs a copy for the cost of postage or a beer in Adelaide.

This is what’s on it.

PM me for details.

PS: Mod’s delete this if you think it’s inappropriate.

aren’t they up to v4 now?


But I was running Photoshop 7 for years, and if you can’t be arsed with torrents and cracks (like me), this is pretty good.

Adobe make it harder and harder to crack.

You don’t have the font folio by any chance?

I’ll have a look tonight and see what’s on there.