Free Stickers

hey all,

i have a bunch of stickers for your helmets or whatever. if you’d like one, you can email me your address and i’ll send them through. or if you’re from melbourne i could give them to you in person at the next critical mass. if you’re into that.



here is a .gif of the sticker. its waterproof.

I’ll nab some stickers. If you want to send me a bunch I can distribute them to anyone who wants them here in Brisbane at the BFR’s (Brisbane Fixed Rides, see post in meets forum)

Just post them to:

PO Box 6472
St. Lucia 4067

Good work getting an online presence for Oz fixed.

I’m thinking we’ll be catching up for a ride sooner or later, so when that happens, feel free to bring some stickers along. I can help stick them around the place at at strategic locations :slight_smile:

I particularly like ‘The Anticoast’ :slight_smile:

To be honest, I’m a little confused about “the anticoast”.

Is that a subtle go at the no smiles, no hello wave, bulky, lycra bound, carbon/aluminium/velo titanium!, campagnolo only ahem, beach road riders?

Or is it an oblique way of highlighting the purposeful nature of urban riding for transport as opposed to the coastal parade?

Whatever, I like it a lot too!! I’ll still ride on the coast, It’s a great road :slight_smile: haha.

praps its a poke in the ribs at the freewheel crowd who cruise around without any clue where they are going on the road or in life :smiley:

but, praps thats just the reason that i like the sticker myself :wink:

your friends sporting very expensive campagnolo gear on the bike and on themselves label themselves as “folks in the know” and who can afford it and they probably drive prados!

well, i guess the meaning of the sticker is however you wish to interpret it… it has no ‘fixed’ meaning (argh! i know, terrible.)

but my “intended” meaning was a play on words ie. the Antichrist (against Christ) turned into the Anticoast (against coasting - as adhoc said, a dig at the freewheelers)…



OK, I’m officially a moron. Coasting - i get it, ace and even better!

Have the stickers been posted out yet?

posted them today

be there tomorrow with luck! let me know,


you have any more of those stickers?
i’ll take a few if theres still any going?



adhoc private message me your address and i’ll send some through - nick

Got my stickers last night…Thanks.