free pies = lunchtime alleycat

Anyone in melbourne like free pies and riding bikes?

I’m gonna print of a shitload of vouchers and see how many stores I can hit at lunchtime, hehehe.


sweet!! free pies here i come :smiley:

Thanks 4 the heads up :wink:

hehe, 6 pies. Not a bad reward for riding around at lunch on such a beautiful day. The offer lasts until the 19th. I might see if I can top 6 later in the week.


Classic - next time see how many you can eat before spewing (6 is a pretty serious effort) and then report back. :smiley:

Surely there needs to be ‘pie crawl’ ride…six Coles Express within 5km of the CBD!

I can’t believe you smashed six pies for lunch. :-o

Shell Select will be out of business now my mates know about this. Good work.

translated it means you actually only ate about 1/2 a sausagu of meat , 2 dunlop volley soles and half a kg of cat fish scales… a spew sounds like your only option.

Whoa whoa whoa, I didn’t eat em all or I would have spewed for sure - I took em all back to work and shared them round. Though that might be an interesting idea for an event - one hour to hit as many shops as you can and eat each pie at the shop before continuing. Anyone ever vomited while riding? :stuck_out_tongue:

i got a free pie and sausage roll and was pretty disappointed with the pie…but i ate it cus it was FREE! Will b gettin them the whole week cus im on holidays :smiley:

Yeah eating before attacking a 15% is not pretty.

Actually, no that’s a terrible idea. The real win would be to collect as many pies as possible and then give them all to homeless people. That way scabby coles money is used to feed people who need it, not wasted on rich white kids riding stupid bikes :slight_smile:


Couple of guys that at my work smashed one of their training rides on Kew Boulevard once when they were just starting out and one of them (the least fit one) spewed - hills were too much for him.

Maybe you should incorporate some beer somewhere in the ‘pie eating’ alleycat so that you have covered all the main food groups…



does it count if nothing actually left my mouth? went too hard at the velodrome trying to lead out friends. :frowning:

theres an annual cruiser bike team race in vancouver that is modelled on the little 500 from breaking away (its called the little 100). very strict bike rules, and a lot of fun. a couple of years ago i watched a friends team all puke, one-by-one, several times during the race. at one point they had 2 of the four guys all retching into some nearby bushes thanks to a combination of over-indulgence the night before and the exertion oof racing a beater with 26" and a coaster brake around a bumpy running track. they finished 2nd to a team that included several pro MTBers and a former national champ.

Brissie is also doing this. I think you need to go to triple m for vouchers.
I like the “feed the homeless” idea.

me and a couple mates hit 2 then slurpees.
avoid sausage rolls at all cost. :expressionless:

if only they were la panella pies :frowning:



are any of the choices even vegetarian? [cue usual vegan debate :roll:]

if i was more organised, id set up a spontaneous alleycat based on angrys idea(s) - pie run and donating to a food truck. but im not sure who to call to make sure it gets included, or even if the pies/sausage rolls are something theyd want to hand out.