FREE PIZZA! melb only

all you hipsters who are hungry…free pizza in fitzroy

why not…just call, order, give postcode, advise you saw it on yellowpages online, take away and presto full tummy


And also be aware its a Yellow Pages advertising campaign.

Hmmm…sounds a bit dodgey:

[i]Update 12 April 2010: the whole marketing campaign is a trick. You have to call the 1300 number and get an order number to get in – the order no is your ticket. The web text saying ‘if you find us (deliberately vague and misleading) … you’ll get a free pizza’ is deceptive and unethical. Don’t bother turning up without doing this. I told them exactly what I thought about this annoying trick when I got there. They got nervous when I said ‘potential breach of the trade practices act’ and offered to let me in anywhay but I refused.

The new restaurant or whatever it is being constructed where Filter cafe used to be has a familiar feature – a wall of pots like in the Greenhouse, which was temporarily at Federation Square before being permanently installed in Perth. I’m not sure if the laneway behind Brunswick St is becoming permanently closed and used as a space, or if this is just temporary while it is being properly installed. Watch this space.[/i]

From here.

the dude from the blog whinges about everything.

offer seems legit enough.

from reliable sources (not rich bearded person) its all pretty straight foward.

you call…order. you go…pick up. you eat for free.

somewhere along the lines you give a name, a postcode and maybe a phone number.

Apparently the number is on the door too. So you can just rock up and call it through when you get there. Not that hard really for a free pizza

no shit.

such a fucking sook and the irony is, he is pretty much the gentrifying fuckstain that has ruined fitzroy (complains about outdoor smoking, and noise, and graffiti - not pretty street art though, thats OK, and coffee and fucking everything) yet constantly bitches about how it isn’t like it used to be - even though he only moved to the area a few years ago.

such a retard.

I would rather make bike accessory viral marketers rich than pizza company viral marketers :-o

[right]fuck the world[/right]

when is the next gritty fungus street race? oh it’s tomorrow

does anyone else remember when dance party locations were released via 0055 numbers?

where? i’d like to go!

oh, you mean EftS? nothing gritty about that unless you count the dust/dirt out near hurstbridge. :roll:

Expect a ~10 minute wait once you get there. Also, the vegetarian pizza is pretty average.


What did I say? :wink:


Good pick up P!N20 - I would love to see the reaction of some people who have eaten there and were so proud of their ingenuity to find the next hidden gem.

As for “potential breach of the trade practices act”, how has this sentence gotten into common parlance for any stituation where people feel hard done by about anything. They are GIVING AWAY free pizza, suck it up.

from that age article:

While the numbers through the door would suggest the campaign has been a success, it remains to be seen how the marketing-resistant hipsters it has attracted will greet the news that they have effectively been duped.

uh, how stupid does this cunt think ppl are? as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. and while i haven’t been there i did pick up the flyer and yes, it bore all the hallmarks of a viral marketing campaign, so to find out that it’s a ploy from company x is no surprise.
the only real question is, what exactly is the point?
to get “hipsters” to use instead of google? not exactly the work of an evil marketing genius.

yellow pages, here’s a free tip. if you want more ppl to use your search function, make it work. when i’m looking for local businesses in the carlton area, don’t show me businesses from fucking ferntree gully as your first result…


Plus, if people can’t find your business on google, ur doin it wrong.

is it really worth the hassle for a free pizza? YP is so bad, and they’ve realised most people can now google the businesses direct, which are more up to date, more accurate, than YP. Free pizza aint going to fix how bad YP is.

free pizza is free pizza, but it’s not really free if you live nowhere near fitzroy.

Who cares, free pizza is free pizza, i called up, spent 2 minutes on the phone, then had one. it’s decent pizza as well.