Free road trip and beer

OK, this is not ‘fixie’ related, but I have been doing a shit load of fixie riding to get ready for it.

For the last couple years I have been making the trip up to Canberra to do the Mont 24hr mtb race (now the Scott 24hr). Which basically means riding the SS mtb around in circles as fast as I can for 24hrs straight. The actual riding is not all that hard, it is getting some help together where the issue always lies.

So here is the deal. I need a support crew of some sorts. You just need to help out with the driving and hand me bidons for 24hrs. I will pay for all the petrol, you just need to pay for you own food (which you would do anyway if you were at home). As a bonus, I will give you a beer for every lap I do. Which should be about the 17-19 mark. Accomodation in Canberra is also sorted.

Location: Canberra
Leaving: Thursday 5th October (Late afternoon) from Melbourne.
Returning: Leave Canberra Sunday afternoon (8th October) or Monday (9th October) morning.

So if you want a short and cheap trip away, drop me a line.

are you going solo?

mad. I’m in a team of four, there’ll be some other people there too if you wanted to share a campsite.

  • Joel

Yeah solo. It will be my 6th solo on the single speed.

Nutty. I got a mention in the email newsletter they sent out! From the section on the Cateye Switchbacks:

“We all know and love these switchbacks. Riders will remember the challenge of the slippery grates and the tight corners, not to mention the large group of spectators waiting in anticipation of a crash as riders pick their way gingerly to the base of the run. Spectators are not only drawn to the site for the spectacle provided by nervous riders, but also the atmosphere provided by the cheering crowd, some of who bring their own lounge, so they can watch in comfort.”

That’s my lounge!

Pic: Scott Clare (melbourne) and Alex PV (Canberra) the morning after, they drank all night and it rained all night. Darren Patterson is passed out on the left off camera.

  • Joel

i can’t drive, but may be there for the race, and available for support crew duties - will let you know real soon

Tristan, if your can ride a full slab’s worth I might be interested…! :slight_smile:

(+ a shot chaser per crash “bonus” bring on the cateye switchbacks…)

If you can drink a slabs worth in 24hrs your on.

If you can drink a slabs worth in 24hrs your on.[/quote]

Break the slab up into shots and drink one shot every minute for as long as it takes.
slab equals 9 litres

25mls/ shot = 360 shots / minutes

So you should be able to get through a slab in 6 hours.

This takes me back to early uni days - how much fun!!

I had a mate who got to 237 once. he was hurting for a number of days after!!!