Hey chumps,
Thought this may interest the interstate peeps. Just checked the blog updates.
Free Postage til the end of the year on anything bought via the online store @ Gear Brisbane. Check it!
Ta. Gypsy


Ordered my stuff jus before that. 10 bucks gone - VVVoomfph! Got to W(ait) A(while) in a day however!

Oh well. Impulsive buying, eh?!

Just ordered some double straps through the site. Super quick response. Awesome!

Free shipping good too :sunglasses:

Just ordered some stuff, I love free shipping :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up.

7 nooka watches please

… That being said, I’m an advocate of the BOgear FRS Strap Ons. Best on ground yet!

I’ve used steel cages, nylon cages, double nylons with double leather straps n feetbelts. Definitely the most durable, versatile, secure n user friendly thus far!