Free to a Good Home - Old cycling videos

So the old man went on a digitising bender and converted all his old cycling VHS tapes to ones and zeros.

Before they get left out the front of the local salvation army I thought I’d find out if there was anyone who wanted them.

There’s 22 VHS tapes (which all apparently still play well) consisting of the following:

  • SBS TDF highlights from the mid-90s to about 2001. (Knowing him its probably almost every night of the ~22min show)
  • Original videos like stars and watercarriers, a sunday in hell, a couple of editions of the paris-roubaix and a few other 80s/90s classics.

If you are melbourne we can arrange a pickup, if you want them sent the postage is on you (can box and send them - your choice of the method but its about a 3/4s of a green reusable shopping bag of volume).

what’s a vhs tape, dad?

the best thing about a video is the ability to pick up from wherever you stopped it.
i need an app for that.