Freegan winemaking tips

I have a neighbour who grows grapes, I assume that they’re for wine making as they are sour as all hell.

I’m planning in the summer to duck out under the cover of darkness and grab a few handfulls and was wondering if anyone has any idea if it’d be at all possible to just make a small amount of wine using say maybe 1-2 kgs of grapes.

Most of the winemaking sites only really deal with large amounts and huge barrels etc and the only article that I have on smaller amounts is for prison hooch using a plastic bag/oranges/bread and a sock.

Anyone know if it’s possible to just brew a small amount using a handful of grapes you blagged from a neighbour and the equipment required?

Any tips/site links would be appreciated

TIP: Talk to your neighbour and ask him if they are for making wine. If so, ask him to walk you through the process and see if he is making a batch soon so you can come and check it out and lend a hand. If not, just ask him for a couple of kg worth of grapes.

EDIT. Sorry, re-read the OP.

then steal his grapes

He’s not the nicest of people, I once asked if I could have a look at the four bikes he has in between his shed and my fence and he told me if I look over his fence again he’ll call the cops.

Plus he throws all his leaves/dogshit over my fence so I’m past asking nicely.

What a jerk. Sounds like the grapes are ripe for the taking then. Fucking grumpy old man.

Anyway, just found this: Is this what you mean?
Extreme Small Batch Winemaking Pt3

i just came here to type grapes of wrath

Cheers for that,
He also has an uncanny habit of wearing just black speedo’s to the corner store, even when it’s winter.

That’s a small batch! Is it worth the effort, especially since you stole them in the first place.
Probably easier to go to the Vic Market and buy a few kilos!


I could,
Really just wanted to see if I could do the whole thing without spending anything.

Alcohol for literally no cost… that’s living the dream

Wait till he’s at the shops, then break into his house and steal his wine. You get free alcohol, he keeps his grapes to make more wine. Which you can steal again.

Nah, he just lets them rot, along with peaches, figs and oranges.
We try to grab as much as we can, such a waste… plus we get rats cos the blithering idiot never cleans his backyard.