Freestyle Charge Plug - UPDATES.

gday this is my trick whip, started out as a stock plug running fixed with no brakes.
then i started to do a few tricks, bent the fork and then went all out fgfs from there.

brand new


current specs.
plug frame
dmr fork
thomson stem
dmr handlebars with oury’s
charge bucket on stock post
stock crank and chain ring
odyssey pedals with BOG straps (big ups to the guys at BOG and Dave for hooking me up with a set when they first hit the shelves)
stock front wheel and velocity rear hub/rim, now running 37c tires, but hoping to fit 45’s next round
about 75~ GI

and thanks to the Angus and Chris from Cycles Bespoke for looking after me.

that looks pretty damn good!

how do you find running that fork?
i am contemplating switching from a standard 700c road fork to a more straight street style fork.

its good but it is very heavy and gives the bike a much slacker ride.


removed stickers on frame, black oury’s, deep v for the front and 37c tires.

also BOG strap on fail.

not sure what i’m going to do about this one. if it was the other strap then i might be able to just get a replacement for that bit but this is the whole strap gone now.
hopefully the guys at BOG can help me out.