Frezoni road

10 Speed Frezoni Racing Bike-Campagnolo Record Ensemble - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 25-May-10 17:50:53 AEST)

so tempting…

Fantastic paint job. If it didn’t have Italian decals on it, you’d wipe $500.00 off the price though…

Frezoni is Joe Cosgrove, who also paints for Llewellyn… Made to sound italian therefore fetch a higher price!

Absurd paint job, and my size, want.

Ryan mate, just fucking do it!!! For around a grand you can’t go wrong. The groupset and wheels alone would set you back that much, plus you get a handmade frame with a paint job that no super commuter or weekend warrior can get anywhere close to!

Actually, IIRC, it’s his mother’s maiden name.

(And yes, there was a spate of builders ‘Italianising’ their marques back in the day to get more cred as riders were roma-philes and snubbed Aussie builders.)

Whilst it’s no steel Frezoni, it’s still very nice, and with full Campy 10sp and Ambrosio wheels… wow.

I just bought a new bike last week! I’m definitely watching it closely but I can’t justfy the BIN at the moment.

But is it a Frezoni - or just something that Joe has resprayed?

Yep - I spoke to JC today about it (was already speaking about something else). It was built in September 2001 for a short Italian guy, who, by the looks of the eBay seller is the original owner. According to Joe it is a 49cm sloping tube which is equivalent to a 52cm c-c effective top tube. Sadly too small for me.

Omg this is so totally my size. Decisions decisions…

seller is not willing to take the bike to his LBS so if you want it from outside of QLD you have to get a courier to pick it up from the guys place take it to a LBS in QLD get them to package it up and then get it sent on from there!

Just remember you can buy something like a NEW Cinelli frameset made from the same Zonal tubeset for like $550.00 landed. (Of course it won’t have the cool original paint job though…)

Also I’d question the sellers claim of a ‘6KG’ weight… :S

good price for record group and the wheel set though?

I just noticed the buy it now has gone so yes, potentially a good buy!

what was the buy it now - just for interest?
i’m pretty keen to buy it, bit annoying about the sellers pick up only though…

$1800 I think

Whoever bought this got a good price- $1200