Friday 13th Alley Cat.

Friday the 13th Alley Cat
Meet:Gear for details on starting point.
Time: 6:00pm
What to bring: Pen, Helmet, Lights.
Who: Every one with a bike
This is to kick off the biking brisbane weekend.

Yeah buddy…

So who else is in?
Redmond it’s in the pm will this suit your busy schedule,
I know Scott will ride
Xcx you in? Tell the wife you have to work back then work drinks.
Any one else?

can I ride my sweet fixeee bike in this?

I’m working on it. I know how to get from home to work and a river loop so I could be gunning for your longest ever alley cat time!


Fixie bikes for lyf

I 2 will bring my Fixay…

excited much? I think so…!

fuk up khunt - I know what you’re doin

Scott you riding the disc again haha

Disc on guch I hope.

thats a bit rude don’t you think…

Ill be in, though it will be beardo stylie with the fenders and dyno hubs and shit

Nice I can give out of towers a map.

i shall be rocking a hockey mask as a helmet.
plus fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxiiiaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

I will give a 5min time reduction for fancy dress.
Superman legs allways brings the lols
Dave I want the potato on.

no disc this time, dressing my shit up for sure, well maybe, so much shit to get done this week, just laced up the 24" front for the guch, first time i’ve seen it in person with a wheel, excitement.

I’m in.
Fancy dress sounds like a plan. How fancy we talking? :wink:

I’m in!

watz a fixtieay?