Friday Hypothetical

Friday’s Hypothetical question.

I’m a bit bored. So, here’s a hypothetical question to kick start a thread to keep me entertained.

Maybe this’ll become a weekly thing, maybe not –but to start, an odlie, but a goodie.

If you could go back to any place on earth at any period in time to hang out for a week – where would it be, when would it be, and why?

Bay Area 1986, to see Slayer post Reign in Blood release.

Failing that, the Jurassic period, coz dinosaurs.

anywhere i could be a king, eat wild boar, get maaaaaaaad drunk and enjoy the company of many sexually liberated women, who would be in my company of their own free will and not for financial gain.

edit - +1 to dinosaurs

I play this with people in the studio - This was a question that I came up with and to my surprise all the girls answered with the same thing.

“I wouldn’t want to live in the past as girls were treated with disrespect”.

Tell that to Cleopatra.

Hill of Calvary

TC: Exactly the same situation Owen Wilson was in in ‘Midnight in Paris’ - Hemmingway, Dali, Picasso.

Then I’d introduce them all to modern drugs.

i’d go back to 1955. i’d help my parents get together, invent skateboards, show chuck berry’s cousin marvin the riff to johnny b goode, help my dad stand up to biff and follow his dream of being a science fiction writer, and stop doc emmett brown being killed by libyan terrorists. when i came back to the present day i’d have a sweet pickup truck, in which i’d hope to be able to drive jennifer up to the lake this weekend.


Venice beach mid 70’s when the Zephyr team were skating empty pools during the drought.

I would go back to last night and not have those last 7 beers.

Bit fucken sexist there rolly, at least to all of the wenches who like to hang out on these boards.

This point in time looks pretty amazing…

Rodney Mullen showing off on flatland with Minor Threat looking on.₪

Or seeing Unwound or Ten Grand play a show.

Pot calling the kettle OR WOT!!!

I think he meant ‘wrenches’, so he could repair his fixies.

They’re called spanners, unless you’re some sort of seppo wannabe.

back in victorian times (where these things happened) calling a lady a wench was common place, hence my usage of the term. you won’t hear me make such comments when discussing present day ladies.

I’d go back and tell Buddy not to board that plane.

fedual japan or anytime before the internet, i think

or maybe the 1960s, as i think that was a pretty decent time for positive social-change.