Friday night Nerang

Going to be starting track league again Friday nights at Nerang.
Will keep youse posted when it starts, well worth the trip, it’s not that far along the freeway.
Can assure you of a great mix up of different races each week, Andre and Ken have a pleasant evil streak!

What is it with track always being on shitty times?
Tuesday is sweet but cabolture on sat?
every one rides k’s on sat.
And friday night is the night we go out or sleep erly for sat ride.
Just saying.

well maybe some of won’t get there every week, think about shirts though, this is like a dream for him, he’ll push off after work and lap via springbrook as a warm up for some track, then cruise past cavill ave subway and a gentle hunge to finish it off home feelsgood.shrts

i would be keen to cruise down, get a car load of us, dayne you can drive cos ya don’t drink and we’ll get boozed on the way back home, track racing and a boozy road trip, soundsgood.trk

soo many memories of friday night nerang track! get on it guys!

and fuck being worried bout sat morning, when i was at school and racing id do nerang friday night then race muzza sat morn+k’s after.

you pussies should be able to cope :stuck_out_tongue:

you know you can ride more than one session a day???

i’d be well keen. been doing night rides on every second friday lately anyways - weather’s perfect for it at present, there’s bugger all traffic after 7 n it steers me clear if the friday office booze sessions

It’ll run from 1st October.

First night 12th October.
While Chandler is a truly great track and wonderful racing, there is always great hard racing to be had at Nerang.
If you think Tuesday A grade is fast, youse’ll be in for a rude awakening…

few more details than simply a date would be nice

ummmm, you ride your fixie bike without a brake, round in a anticlockwise direction…

while I truly value your much learned input - fukup dipshit

Want want want !
details are still being finalised, but will not start racing before 7 pm, possibly 7:30 depends if they run juniors before or not, entry usually $10 don’t have chandler overheads, but then you haven’t really raced track until the lights have gone out in a sprint !
and last news they are trying to get a bar opened in the grandstand.

for those of you who missed that bit…

Bar schmar asking as they sell bundy ginger beer.

Keen for this, license required?

lol - sif you goldcoast clowns take note of rules and regulations

you know all those ram raider dickheads have licences, thats how they get caught, most use their own cars, thatas how they roll gc brah

This was posted Yesterday;

"Burleigh Brewery are going to be supporters of our track series!
Premium beer for sale at the track. Profit to go to prize money! Tell your mates!"

You’re my mates so I’m telling youse :wink:

Brennan is such a dude! This clinches it for me then!

same… cept I might not be riding home now

Discussing finishing the evening with a longer race maybe 45 or 60 laps for a and b grades, run it as a course de primes, ie just have spot cash prizes up for grabs, also I know Peter spencer will be running madisons, just hope they’re not on a night I’m officiating:-)
PS if you think a grade at chandler is fast, youse are in for a nasty shock!