Friday night Nerang

There fast cos the drugs are plentiful on the goldy

… and the getaway at all costs mentality is hard to ditch when boosting cars and mugging tourists is all you do to pass the time

Game on gentlemen.
The link should work, registration by 6:30

Gold Coast Cats Cycling Club

Not sure after my performance or lack of it tonight I’ll be racing this Friday.

pingers are the new fixed gear

I’ll get on this provided I can get a lift, else I might jump on a train and just have a watch this week, all this talk of how fast it’ll be I might not keep up anyway

Anyone thinking of going up- suggest you contact Peter Spencer, and get me or Billy as referees for you.
They will not let you race unless you have proved safe on the track- so that means either going to some of their training sessions or getting an approval from someone else.

The racing up there is very different, and the track itself lends to different tactics and skills, ie lack of banking means youse need to change differently, can’t slow or speed up like you can on chandler.

An update- and a bit of a bummer, from the goldstars face book

“Just a heads up on Friday nights. I am reasonably sure it is being run as a Club Combine, not as a Restricted Open, so, unless you live over 100 Kms away, you should be a member of one of the Maximum of 3 Clubs in the Combine (Goldstars, CATS, Mbah) to race. Not our rules, but CQ’s. To run as a Restricted Open, sanction fees apply and approval from CQ must be sought.”

However it may be worth a trip to watch this week:

“Track racing is going to me massive this friday night! there is the return of the “winners race” a favorite from last week, and the inclusion of a Maddison! The best spectator event on the track! Get on down to Nerang on Friday night and enjoy yourself a Burleigh Brewed Beer, and have a great time!
I did invite some real class riders to the maddison, local and imported. Will be a good event with Keirin Races as well! Get on it”

you wanna move this to the goldcoast section since we’re all ruled out?


These events are Restricted Opens. Anyone with a CA licence can turn up and ride so long as they can show they are competent on a track bike.

if i do a wheelie around the entire track does this qualify me a competent?

Only if your in Lycra, also a pimp carbon bike will prove you

Was chief last week and got to say was very really impressed with the racing and organisation there. If you want variety get out there guys!
Seniors warm up from 7 pm assured at least three rides, think entry is $10 , beer is cheap too, compliments of burghleigh brewery!

this friday coming i think we’ll make an appearance…

Check with the guys from the gold coast tuesday night at chandler not sure if it’s on for a couple of weeks, also give you a chance to ride against a few more of them.