Friday Night Racing Nerang

Ok just a heads up guys, racing will be starting in October at Nerang track, just need a gold CA licence and a track legal bike.
not sure about three day licences…

The entry is cheap, and there is a bar and prize money each week ,as well ongoing events.
Assured at least three often four rides each evening
Racing starts at 7;30 so easy to drive there and miss the traffic.

Not 100% sure of dates yet, only involved discussing the finer details today.
I am down to chief once a month, could arrange lifts perhaps???

Oh and there is an open track event 26th october at chandler HPRW, I’ve just seen the program - will suit a sprinter- trust me …

If you want any more info- pm

Racing starts 11th October Nerang, they haven’t posted a time, but I’m guessing it’ll be 7 for 7:30 start, with juniors first.
There is a canteen and bar… get some action in before the christmas carnivals!

BYO flak jacket and sudophine

Id be keen to have a crack if the three day licences where aloud.

you are special

Head over to the gold coast track riders facebook, more information there.
I would say you can use a 3 day licence, contact the club Goldstars to see if they will have any available, but if you join CQ now you’ll get a full licence until 2014!

spoke to shirts last night, we’re both keen, but I’m struggling to get out of work before 6 let alone 5 and fighting traffic, not sure ill ever get there, which sucks, fingers crossed

In the past juniors start at 6:30 seniors at 7:30 - I’m waiting on clarification.

buys us a bit of time

to eat more pies pre ride

racing is per the info sheet, grades following on from each other, feel free to contact them and ask if they are willing to change it.