Friday night ride

Hey guys - friday night ride tonight. No word on a route yet but quite a large response on facebook.

Possibly keen. Depending on SWMBO

What is this ‘ride’ you speak of?

Will be on dis when I get my tarck all build up again, maybe anyway…

I’m busy this Friday and next. But if this is a fixture, I might ride some time.

It’s meant to become a fixture - there was a pretty good turn out last night as well as the week before.

Facebook link?

We’re back again this friday night!

If Carlin and rhys are coming I’ll be in… Lots of gears and carbon though!

Do a big long elephant skid and all will be forgiven.

I will potentially be there, (faux)disc and all.

Haha with a brand new $90 racing tubular not fucking likely…
I will give you my wheel to draft off at 50+kph though…

Hey man, I’m the one with the disc, I don’t need no draftin’!

Haha you bringing 90 gI, didn’t think so…
You’ll be drafting if you wana keep up.

Here I was thinking this was some sort of social ride, boy do I feel like a fool!

What do you think killed the old wendsday night rides…
The racing and the drinking.
‘you guys ride to fast and drink too much’ :wink:

Ha don’t worry Harry I’m only in if captin wanye or carlin come out and right now it’s unlikely!
Plus why bring a faux disk if your not gona bring the noise…
My not faux 45mm carbon wheels sound awesome when your smashing the pedals. You can hear the sound of the pedal strokes been resonated through the wheels.
Is an impressive sound :wink:

It’s all fun and games until crabon serious folks turn up!

I’ll be there.
Carbon shmarbon.

Rhys do you want to meet up earlier at my uni?

I have things on tonight, but next week would be good. I think that anglerfish thing will be on at Custom’s House.

Hey guys we’re back on with this tonight!!