Friday Peak Hour

I’ve been wanting to get this going for a while and sarv i finish work at 5 so I’m keen as. Meet 5:15 at PO Square and hit some gridlock, who’s keen???

very very keen. I’m either knocking off work at 2 or 4. So i’m defs keen

I am just going to watch MASH and pretend I was there…

Do you want me to make a phonecall to the PA to have them on standby for you? :stuck_out_tongue:

r u mashin’? :smiley:

fuckin worked… :sunglasses:

Yeah I was mash’n grits teeth

Gotta love Friday arv in the city, where were ya Nath I might have bent something if you bought the cammera :smiley:

c’mon marty, we all know you dont need a camera around to live up the name :stuck_out_tongue:

good session, i continued doing city-valley loops trying to hitch as long as possible. good times. i am in for next traffic session. could get some good footage.

Me and the Gypo had a ball had to get home cause there was a roast in the oven but I’m keen to make it a regular as long as I’m not working.


is there anything happening this friday?

Im only 15, but id love to meet some other riders and go for a city ride, i love riding around cars and traffic.

I ride a Kona paddywagon for those interested.

im pretty sure gypo and bender will be riding…

I’ll be there but a bit earlier than usual. Gotta work at 6 so meet at post office square at 4 and we’ll have a smash. Hopefully there’ll be a few guys and Nate will have the cammera.

Hoping to knock off work at 2 on friday and not 4. I’ll bring out the new trispoke for a real MASH experience. Hopefully nate will ride the A’spok.

the what??

ooooooooooohhhhh you mean the potato :sunglasses:

I’m racing the cx that night after work. Guys should try and head over there after your (mash :roll: ) ride. u/bike-week/2009/city-cx/

C-group yeah? What colour jersey will you be wearing, and what bike are you racing?

I imagine he will be the person tuff enough to ride on a single speed.

I am a cyber-stalker.

Elite. Singlespeed.
Stalking me. Oh noez.