Friday thread!

I have nothing. I just want a Friday thread.
Who’s got something interesting?
Hell yeah I’m procrastinating, obviously not as awesomely as this guy did, but I’m having a crack.
So… who’s got a topic?

Our library/archiving systems are down so I am also procrastinating to a degree…

i went to two different institutions for a total of 5 years and couldn’t get a degree with hard work…if you get one by just procrastinating, you’re doing better than me.

Clocked 170 on the Google pinatagame if you are looking for a time-wasting challenge.

On the home stretch counting down now, an hour and a half till the long weekend, with a box of bike parts sitting next to me that arrived today that I can’t wait to get home and install.

170 on my third go! 156 was first, than 86 when I thought about it.
now I want to get to 200

I was hoping a box would be at home waiting for me but there is nothing. I made two wiggle orders on Monday. One arrived yesterday but I can’t do anything with it until the second box gets here. I really want to ride this bike on Monday :frowning:

Yeah I did a wiggle order, an ebay order and bought some pedals off here last week. Everything rocked up within a few days except the ebay box which I needed to put it all together. Thankfully it rocked up today because Perth’s weather is looking perfect for a few rides this weekend.

I cleaned my bike. Like, real good – I even cleaned that complicated arm thing that puts the chain onto the right gears. and I put new bar tape on.

Anyone who knows me, knows this is a big deal.

156 best on google playable. I suck. Waiting for others to knock off for a pub run.

I had 3 go’s before I got busted. Max score of 62 :frowning: guess I didn’t figure out the technique.

good use of the chux there chux.