Fridge to Fridge - EOI

On the way home whilst getting the crap swooped out of me I had a thought of organising a fridge to fridge ride for this summer and hopefully before the year is out… could also be used as a bit of a farewell to Ty before he skips town.

Brief thoughts were to start on the southside of Canberra (people will need to catch busses at the beginning of the ride to the southside if you don’t want to ride all the way), then work our way to the northside with a finishing destination within the city where we can get our drink on more.

So having never been involved in a fridge to fridge before, I don’t know the exact rules. But from my understanding you roll to peoples houses and have a couple of drinks before moving on to the next. Now to make things a little more interesting I thought of having events at each pitstop. Either a riding event or a physical challenge with heats to work out the winner… once a winner is chosen they will receive the yellow jersey and we will be on our way to the next fridge.

Does this sound like something people would be keen on? If so, let me know your thoughts and if your happy to offer your house up as a pitstop.

Sounds like fun,
I’d be keen and be happy to have people crash my house/fridge
(I’m in Lyneham)

Sounds great!
I’m in Kambah now, will speak to the lady but i’m sure my place could be used as one of the fridge stops on the southside

Yeah mine is in Kambah too. Was thinking of a Streetfighter 2 tournament on the ps3 for the challenge at mine… or dry weetbix eating.

Wicked, I’m up for this, but Dec 6 is out for me (Urban Polaris).

I’m doing the polaris as well.


Nope, MTB. I have done it twice so far, didn’t do too bad last year either.

Sounds sick as, even though I live in Gunners

Start at the persons house furthest away and work our way to civic

i’m in and in duffy, which will be a nice first or second stop after the kambah stops. i am still thinking of my challenge… maybe “who can cut the most grass on my front lawn in 3 minutes!!!”.

And yes, I’m waiting for that comment about “cutting my grass” in the other way, and I WILL glass your face if you try.

Haha, best challenge ever. Is there a car that needs polishing too?

Saweet, looks like my place should be good. Im thinking bout borrowing an xb360 from work with the Beijing olympics game and doing a track cycling challenge on that or somethin.
Or we could move some furniture?

sounds fun.