from downhill to flats: french style

yo yo yo!
just moved to melbourne from perth and been riding my giant glory round town, man it is harsh on the roads! :mrgreen:

so seeing alot of fixies and road bikes thought i would join the club! :evil:

so for my first ever road bike! I picked up this shed find covered with house paint on evilbay for 100 bucks.

its a Peugeot Tourmalet from the mid eighties not sure on exact spec. but this is what i turned it into!

Frame: Peugeot Chromoly
Wheels: STARS panther
Tubes: Vittoria Ultralites
Tires: Vittoria Rubino Blue
Hubs: Quando front & rear
Cranks: Driveline Alloy
Chain Ring Front: Originals 44T
Chain Ring Back: Diamond 16T
Chain: KMC 1/8 blue
Pedals: Wellgo R110
Seat: Tioga Control DH (not pictured)
Brakes: Shimano Exage 400EX
Handlebar: Hsinlung dropbars

Originally i was going to go with the french theme and have the frame powdercoasted white with red seat/stem and handlebars and blue wheels/cranks/chain. which i pretty much went with but threw out the powdercoating idea and plastered it with stickers!

the bars would be 100x better with the other lever on there.

yep :smiley:

nice sticker collection though.

cheers guys!

i like the single lever. im not really into symmetry :-

hanging to go on my first group ride.

aha, just wait til you get more into cycling and realise things are more about function over aesthetics.

true true! exactly what the guy at the LBS was saying when i started asking about quicker brake response…

from hydro disc to cable pads, my forearms get a desent work out now! lol :evil:

Are those wheels SS only or fixed?

sweet man, i’ll keep an eye out for your ride, always keen to go for group rides so pm me some time i live just out of the city

cool thanks gink, definitely keen for rides. im in west brunswick and im heading to the wednesday fix this week!

and san its SS at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

even more reason to chuck on that second brake and lever.


so here it is as it stands with the new brakes and saddle…

ok i know what your thinking, that saddle is effing YOOJ. that was my intial reaction when i saw it in the flesh, but for 25 bucks i cant complain and man is this thing comfy to ride! its like a couch on wheels hahaha. hope i dont fall asleep on any of my rides… i wonder how long this will last till i get sick of it.

Yo! that armchair(saddle) needs to go onto your Giant Glory, i think you mistook one for the other! The glory’s the one that has those spongey forks!!!

indeed it has been removed! hah :roll:

and the glory is up for saleeeeeeeeeee

the bike looks great
i fell into the ‘stars panther’ trap too
i think its ok but everywhere online i hear people bad mouthing them,
im running fixed on mine
the stickered job is really done well on yours and the red and blue are mint.

it really is a child that only a mother could love…