From ze Nederlands

Thought I might as well make a thread to show you the amazing bike details to be had over here.

56x57 Colnago CX, full dura ace… 250 EU, roughly 308 AUD - Cyclocross Colnago Dream Luxe - Fietsen | Crossfietsen en BMX

That rabobank paint job is amaze! One of their best.

You lucky bastard is all I can say.

I fully endorse this thread.

I might even be tempted on a set of those tubs on ze marktplaats

thanks for volunteering as the first official FOA postmaster for the Netherlands.


I sense sarcasm Rolly. Thought I’d just compile an interesting list of things/good buys. If anyone is super keen I can organise postage and collection.

Cheap Faggin:

nah, i’m all for it, just a cheeky dig as thought you may have a few people asking ya to collect and post :wink:

I have a lot of free time here, and I need a guinea pig to suss out how to get all my bike purchases back home. PostNL is rather cheap for sea mail but im not sure how lenient they are on the maximum sizing restrictions.

Just for a reference how much would we be looking at for frame or bike postage?

i sent a approx 20kg box from nl to melbourne in 2006, much smaller then bike size, took 2 or 3 months via seamail and cost approx 80 euro iirc and the box was well worn and busted at the seams.

from the Aangetekend pakket buitenland | PostNL
What does it cost?

t / m 0-2 kg 2 to 5 kg 5 - 10 kg 10 - 20 kg 20 to 30 kg Return service clearance

World € 25.60 € 35.60 € 59.60 € 106.60 No offer free incl

Size and weight
Minimum size: 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Maximum size: 100 x 50 x 50 cm

Must be a job for a courier possibly then, I willdo some research. - baanfiets te koop - Fietsen | Racefietsen

Not for the price, or the parts, but look at that paint!