Frozen steel seatpost

I found a frame on heavy rubbish recently with track ends (bewdy) but I cannot remove the seat post. Steel post in steel frame.

I have been applying penetrating oil (in spray can) for about two weeks but it still will not free up.

Suggestions please or name of bike shop who might do the job for me.



What city are you in Mike?

THought the standard approach was:

Clamp seatpost in benchmounted clamp.

Use frame to get loads of torque.

If that fails use heat at teh same time (might want to get a professional on that depending on the frame quality)

Give it to meeeee!!!..I take it out for u and u can have my roadie frame ehe. dreaming

the very last resort is to cut it off a cm above the frame, and the get a hacksaw blade and slowly and painfully saw through the post from the inside out, and then fold it in on itself and pull it out with pliers. i had a frame with a stuck seatpost, took it down to my LBS and they said that this is what they would do, and i may as well do it myself.
sheldon brown has a lot of advice on his website as well.