frugal rouleur

Frugal Rouleur

this is a very clever idea.

^ Pffft…no results for Aerospoke.

i like this.

given my lunch task is to make a list of parts and prices this is a very well timed thread. thanks bb.

fixed to acknowledge actual source!

This was done by one of the guys in my cycling club. I’ve been beta testing it for a couple of months. I can pass feedback on if anyone has any.

the man is a genius.

Tell im to add

They have some good prices and they are local

I tend to use Google Shopping (or type www .froogle. com) for this sort of thing as it has a billion sites connected.
That said, not all companies ship to Australia, so you can get caught there, and it’s all in USD (which isn’t the worst, google can easily give me an estimate of the conversion).

I do like the idea though. My only suggestion would be to add the other cheap sites (bens cycles, alex cycle, universal cycles etc).

Websites like ‘The Find’ have been doing this for years, but as mentioned this is AUS dollar focused.

it’s looking pretty good, but as mentioned there are plenty more sites that it could search. especially some aussie ones would be good.

^^^ +1 ^^^

The new cycling express site would be a good add as they seem to be pretty bullish about growing in Austraila.

^I got a pair of Shimano RO87 SPD-SL shoes from them for $89.
They are $98 on wiggle.

At least someone is buying from them, they seem to be getting lots of people on various forums saying how good they are on pricing before they had sold a thing!

yeah, they only went live at 5ish on friday. So I guess we wait to see how they go.

Just went through my wish list, none of the below available…

Look Keo Aeroblade
Avid shorty 6
Disc wheels

This isn’t surprising, they will take some time to get inventory up and running. The list is growing though.

Yeah, alot of people on their FB page are asking about alot of stuff. I think they are trying to gauge what will sell, and what will just sit in the store. Their stock is limited, interested to see what products they expand and stock. I like the idea of an oz company trying to match OS prices.