frugal rouleur

not to mention their website… it’s practically identical to wiggle. i’ve only looked very briefly at a kona jacket and it had no description, specs etc whatsoever. i’m sure they’ll get around to it, but kinda frustrating

If they want to beat wiggle and price match to OS prices… they’ll get my business everytime. I hope they grow into something with the range of Wiggle.

I don’t want to start a rant about OS vs Aussie prices but just yesterday I was quoted AUD$35 at my LBS for a part that is online for USD$9.

Also… is great for comparing US shop/online store prices.

Good on them I reckon- hope they expand the stock- I’ll buy from them for sure!
I reckon wheels is one area they’ll do really well in (assuming they get the full Mavic and Fulcrum range etc)

P.S The site name should be just ‘Rouleur’… frugal is implied. We all know the only reason we ride is to save on petrol money. Except for Sugarkane.


That’s French for Tight Arse Cyclist.