FTW the master of ALLOY

This guys is amazing

Frank The Welder | Frank Wadelton – Bicycle Fabrication

Yep. Not a frame builder, just a really talented fabricator.

My first thought was “why?” but the answer is “because he can”. Amazing.

Yep, baws. One day i’ll have a FTW frame.

yep is rad, would love to see it built up

jez does he not build for spooky???

All new spooky’s are FTW built, the old production ones came from Sapa in Oregon.

What about the frames and forks he built for Yeti? Answer? Spooky? Turner? FTW?

Framebuilders don’t just do lugs and fillet braze.

I know who Frank is and what he’s built in the past.

I’m saying he’s an extremely talented fabricator that is good at gluing tubes together in the shape of a bicycle, amongst many other things.

I’d say he’s pretty talented at melting tubes together with sticks of hot metal too.