Fu#$%ng Doyle

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Pay up Bitches.

It is believed Mr Doyle’s wife, Emma Page Campbell, opened the door and did not realise the cyclist was approaching.

didn’t fucking realise? didn’t fucking look.

Hilariously bad timing to occur- in case cyclists didn’t already hate him enough!


Doyle cuts cycling infrastruture budget
Doyle doors cyclists

What next?

Not rocket surgery of Melbourne Posted at 1:46 PM Today
I have been driving for more than 20 years and have never been doored by a parked car. Common sense says you drive far enough away to avoid being doored. Cyclists please take note. R.I.D.E F.U.R.T.H.E.R A.W.A.Y. Get it?

Genius right here.

Doyle drills fork

doyle grinds off cable guides.

wasn’t it the state government that cut the cycling infrastructure budget? i believe melbourne city council are actually planning several major projects still…

is it just me, or does Doyle look like a bad mutation of William Shatner and Jocelyn Wildenstein in that photo?

Should have head butted his Mrs on the way down.

Oh, I apologise then. Mr and Mrs Doyle are awesome

Herald Sun providing more quality journalism…

Lord Mayor Robet Doyle’s car

Sure. I’ll just ride far enough away from the door, but end up in a lane of traffic and get abused/run over by motorists. Good logic. Why didn’t I think of that?!

If anyone sees me on top of the town hall with a rifle.
This may be the story that finally put me up there.

absolute fail, i hope the rider gets some cash money. thrown 3m into traffic and all he gets is an apology? get real doyle.

O’doyle rules!

if that’s cool, i’m miles davis.