Fuck Campagnolo- the resolution

How to remove Campagnolo Power Torque cranks

Zinn does Power Torque, might be helpful to the passionate FOA members.

Holy crap…I never realised what a shit system that is. Glad I didnt ‘upgrade’ from my Veloce square taper now.

probably the worst design ever in terms of maintenance. meh. record or GTFO :stuck_out_tongue:

get record

Great ad for Shimano.
Passion indeed.

All you need is lol:
Counter-clockwise from right: Park CBP-3 bearing/crankarm puller, short (CBP-3, for UT) and long (CBP-5, for PT) bearing setters, CBP-5 puller-extension basket, CBP-5 crankarm pads (black molded plastic one is for aluminum arms; blue paper ones are for carbon arms), and CBP-5 spindle plug

Whenever some types Campy and passion in an FOA thread I see it as Campy Fashion.

Smells like bullshit to me.

I reckon everyone whinged and bitched when square taper cranks were introduced as you needed a ‘proprietary’ crank puller that was no doubt very expensive ‘back in the day’.

Introduce a whole era of ‘dad’ mechanics trying to remove a square taper crank with a screwdriver and a hammer.

Edit: In saying that I have a brand new set of Centaur crabon Power Torque cranks I don’t really want to install.