Fuck fuji track prooooo

It’s finally on the bay, check out my auction peeps:
Fuji track pro fixie frame 58 (eBay item 250792654925 end time 29-Mar-11 21:01:07 AEDST) : Sport
First thing I’ve ever posted on ebay, feeling well savvy right now.

If I could’ve done it better let me know, I wanna put my diamondback up there next.

Maaate, including pics you’ve worked the word Fuck into the listing 5 times.
That’s as gold as the frame is!

I’ll totally buy this if it grew a few cms

WTF?? The listing has been removed? Too hardcore for the internet?

Yes, ebay listing removed for profanity.
I’ll try again later.

I really cbf though, if people wanna make some offers then I’d sell it on here.

Fuji track pro fixie frame 58 (eBay item 250792966284 end time 30-Mar-11 08:56:54 AEDST) : Sport

I thought it was your pink upholstery…

Bastard! That shit’s award winning!

Couldn’t be arsed looking around, but did anyone else notice that dylan’s fuckbike made it to bsnyc?
Bike Snob NYC: Feeling Small: Big Tickets and Tiny Houses

Yeah, many people noticed. Pretty funny!