Fuck shimano

i was trying to install a new crankset but something doesnt look right

why do they make it so difficult!

does anyone have the tool to remove this?

I heard John Kennedy has a complete Park Tools Tool System™. He should be able to sort you out.

haha harsh alex


You’ll have to hang on until you can find a reputable shop…

i was completely sober :frowning:

I’ve heard these work but $46 is pretty steep :wink:

Did you read the manual?

I think I have found the exploded parts diagram - might help a bit.

Cranksets 2 - Adelaide foa 0

aaaaaaaaah is that how it is supposed to go? hmmm. i have half a packet of zooper doopers and a park tool rubber mallet that i could improvise with to solve the problem. what do you think?

A) It took you THIS long?

B) It was the DRIVE SIDE.

I expected more from you Alex, I really did.

Zooper Doopers are ok, but not really the tool for the job. Just fork out for one of these you tight arse:

i dont want to wait a week until it arrives

Try Prodigy Pete - he has one of those chest freezers.

Is there a ldc (local dry cleaners) you can take it to?

yeah, but they usually make you hang around for ages…

Can’t believe you just said that…

that would be heavy. Can you get one in crabon?