Fucked tyre

I didn’t even get more than 30 mins of riding on this thing. Put on last night with brand new tube. One long skid down Collins St this morning and KAPOW!

It did look kinda cool though and the gunfire sound scared the crap outta people.

So, what brand was it?

i see your problem: you somehow left your finger in the tyre, causing a bulge.

Is this because you’re using one of those coloured tyres that lack the carbon that makes normal tyres durable?
Just sayin… :evil:

uh huh.
I know these things aren’t great but I wasn’t expecting one skid to take it out


I’ve never had any of those white tyres, but I imagine they would be even worse?
Easy solution for next time powdah- use your brake! :smiley:

In the words of MASH… though they can’t spell. RANDONNEUR…


Soma Everwear have been the best for me so far.