Fuckwit alert

Dude’s got tickets on himself. Why, fucking why, do these sorts of dicks talk so much shit?

“This is a fixie I made myself so its one of a kind.” BULLSHIT
“The parts to put it together cost me $1200.” BULLSHIT
“Frame alone worth $550.” BULLSHIT
“I don’t want to sell it but do need the cash as I am a uni student.” BULLSHIT



Looks like a Visp frame, yeah? Someone should report him…

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

The VISP and the Leader frames look identical, they are probably made in the same place.

Incidentally, I have a VISP frame that I will happily offload for 500… actually i’d pretty much settle for 100, but don’t have the tools on me to take the bottom bracket and cranks out and cannot justify taking them to a store or buying the tools.

it’s a leader frame, which are alright, but you can get em landed for about AU$400. stars wheelset, everyhting else from his parts box.

There’s a known (to me and others anyway) bike thief selling ‘fixies’ and the like on ebay in Melbourne. Always reappearing later parted out after the he doesn’t get what he wants for them. It’s a funny story how I found out he steals bikes,(I can’t confirm if the ones on ebay are stolen though) and I’m not outing him until I see him appear on these pages.

My mistake, carry on.

if you know someone who is stealing bikes, and you’re not doing anything about it, you’re as bad as the thief.

nothing funny about this post. nothing at all.

I thought it was a fork not a folk. He mispells it everytime he writes it.


ten char

I have pm’d brendan about this, and fuck anyone who thinks I’m as bad as a bike thief.

Thts a fuckin ₪₪₪₪ quote Mate. Why would you post a comment on a cycling forum, bragging about the fact that you know some1 who steals bikes and you havent reported it to anyone. I agree with Brendan, Shit act - why bother commenting or joining in here? Soryr if it seems harsh but if you re-read what uve wirtten i think ull understand a justiefied response…

is it that burt ₪₪₪₪ again?

and i have replied. and i still kinda think you are.

for those who are wondering, here’s what i told him to do:

  1. tell you friend that if they don’t return the bikes (or at least put up some ‘bike found’ posters), you will be calling the police.
  2. let your friend make their choice. if they choose to return the bikes, the matter is over.
  3. if your friend chooses not to return the bikes, call the police. i agree that calling the cops is a last resort, but in this instance it seems necessary.
  4. stop being friends with this fucking doucherag.

i dont think that’s a visp frame, pretty sure they have a standard seat post clamp area. looks like a leader to me as he has indicated. note the fuji track bikes also have that weird clamp area and might be the same frame rebadged.

fwiw i dont think this auction is that outrageous. if he was trying to sell it for 2k, yeah go your hardest but as-is its not really that bad.

sort of agree but to be honest everyone on here winges about how all the noobs come on and blah blah blah, “j-ho” has had an account since Mar this year, and obviously doesnt really understand whats in good taste. I would seriously consider cancelling his account. the ammount of times people say "i know someone’ - a way of saying its me but i dont want to say its me or even the fact that he associates with soemone like this and brags about it seriously poses the question of should this person be a member of this forum. I cant see why, but again i havent spokento j-ho before. It might be a little harsh and im not gunning for this but just cant believe some of the morons who live on this earth. I HATE HUMANS

Bike thieves, along with any other thieves are scum of the earth. Take brendan’s advice on all four points - especially the last.
Consider also that if he is selling stolen gear - the buyers are also being put at risk.

Just to edit - this has nothing to do with the OP and is pretty off topic.



I have pm’d brendan about this, and fuck anyone who thinks I’m as bad as a bike thief.

It may be that the situation is not as clearcut as it appear at first, but seriously, what did you expect posting that you know someone who steals bikes and that it is a pretty funny story how you found out. But then again, you wouldn’t want to be classed as a thief when you previously suggested they should be u-locked and thrown in the yara…http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f4/bike-thief-melb-10870/

Hot tip - if you know anyone that is stealing anything, especially something like a bike which the owner probably has put a bit of effort into getting, they are douchebags. I agree you shouldn’t name them, but I think brendan’s 4 steps above are not a bad start.

Sorry mod’s for staying off topic, but there have been a few of these “bike thief” threads recently, and I think it is good that everyone can see that most people don’t encourage the passive acceptance of urban scrumping.