Fuckwit alert

i like how my thread has moved from one type of fuckwit to a completely different kind.

but back on topic:

fwiw i dont think this auction is that outrageous. if he was trying to sell it for 2k, yeah go your hardest but as-is its not really that bad.

nor do i. i just think it’s outrageous the sort of bullshit this guy has concocted to make his bike seem like some kind of “dream build”.
it’s just a bike he threw together cheaply to try to rip some kid off. cheap, no-name components, no brakes and platform pedals?
it might not be that bad for the price, but the guy presents himself as a massive douche.

funny how I suggested that this guy might have stolen parts to make his “WUNDER BUILD” and ironically it’s brought to the fore that someone here has knowledge of bike theft, and is harboring the said offender.

This thread is similar to my Douche Alert from years ago:


Sadly it got locked really quickly

It’s almost unthinkable to not at least win his auctions and meet with him in person after reading that. I’m thinking of at least bidding and passing on his address for you guys to make it known to others. If you even suspect him of such the least you could do is report him to the police because at least they will try to verify if it’s true … I’d just punch his teeth in on your saying so and that isn’t entirely a good thing.

I hate bike thieves … they should be burnt at a stake until they confess

Hey Brendan, name and shame! Better not still be the same fella from last time.

dpes everyone know who this guy is by the sounds of it? where is he from link to previous discuss?

^There was some dude’s name and a facebook link mentioned last time this came up (pretty sure it was subsequently edited out of the thread).
Can’t remember what the deal was though and what eventuated from any of it.

I agree with Pip, name and shame or at least, j-ho, post this thief’s ebay account or something

the ebay user id should be posted. I’d feel pretty shitty if I inadvertently bought some stolen stuff off ebay. not to mention committing a crime

A thief is a thief is a thief. If you’re sure, you should give him up. You’re also risking someone coming after you if their bike gets stolen. Think about it…

this poor spud is probably just a hipster douche selling his first build, now he is a well-known fucking melbourne’s most wanted bike thief!?!?
chill the fuck out guys, we aint got no proof

and as the jams stated/the purpose of this thread for starters, this is just another case of hipster manipulation on ebay, nothing more

Off with his head!!! Off with his headdddd!!!

EDIT: heeyyyyyy, what’s the big idea?? i put all of the above in CAPS to give the impression i was YELLING!!!

Don’t think anyone is saying the dude selling the bike in Jams’ original post is selling stolen parts, it’s someone else that is yet to be named

just looked at his history and had one negative feedback recently and you can still access the listing. has also sold one other bike, plus a shamal front wheel without skewer?

eBay Feedback Profile for charity110385

which he’d bought a few months earlier

nice work sherlock