Fuji Track Bike Melbourne?

Hi, after looking around the internet I have decided that I want to get a Fuji Track bike as my first step into the fixed gear world. I was just wondering where would be the best place to buy one in melbourne. My local bike shop doesn’t stock a single track bike and I don’t know of any bike shops that would.

Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe Goldcross Cycles. Their sister company is the Australian distributor so they would be a good bet.

Don’t get one! Worked on one last week and they’re nasty. The khs is much nicer and about the same $. Either that or the cell cingle1. But not the Fiji. Cranks aren’t even straight :expressionless:

Cheers, I will give goldcross cycles a call and that KHS looks really nice, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for that.

khS is definitely a better bike

Last KHS in Melbourne sold today.

Well the last 53cm as far as I know. I have no stock now.
Am getting a stock list from the wholesaler tomorrow.
I don’t know if these will be coming to OZ again this year so if you want 1 and find 1 get it.

Well it looks like the KHS is out of the question, I can’t find one anywhere, I was able to get a good deal on the last Fuji track at goldcross cycles though.

Thanks for all the help!

i ride the shit out of my fuji and its seems to be holdin up just fine…

Beach Road Cycles has a couple of KHS’s hanging in the shop for anyone who is interested. Cant remember what size, give them a call. William, the guy who runs the place, is really good.

My '03 Fuji is still holding up fine after years of abuse (road/track/cx/mtb). People who diss them don’t ride nearly enough.

that statement makes zero sense.

I think he’s saying they’re pretty good for the price. And they are.

+1. mine is going strong after 6 months-ish. yeh, the components were cheap (i swapped most of them out) but it’s fine for a first bike or a daily hack. or even for the track.

It makes perfect sense if you know Tristan at all.

Let me paraphrase. If you adversely remark about a $700 (how much mine was back in '04 on sale) bike on the internet then you really should be spending more of your free time riding. My Fuji is the best bike I have ever owned. Sure I have replaced most parts on it over the years, but the total investment is currently sitting at around $1200 for close on 6 years of very hard riding on/off road and on the track. 55cents a day is very good value in my books. It will be mounted on the wall when I retire it.