Fuji track pro?

Anyone riding one of these on the street?
How does it go?

please use the search function.

I did …please link?

Why would someone link a search result when you can just do the exact same search? User Mr_Dylan has one on the road I believe, and although I haven’t met him he seems like a cool guy who would be happy to help…but what would I know. I ride one on the track but probably wouldn’t on the road.

I did a search … Nothing came up??? Will try contact mr . D

nah that mr_dylan guy is a douche.

i hear he has an arrospok too…

I did say what would I know.

Ferg is the authority on my doucheness :stuck_out_tongue:
What would he know, he’s never even had a bmx!

I do ride one of these, I decided to grab an alloy frame cos I wanted to compensate for the b43/aerospoke combo.
Feels good man. I’ve got the '07 model though, not the one with the aero seatpost.
Also, when I got the bike, I changed EVERYTHING except the seatpost, seat and headset.
Because the majority of the bits were no good for street, I guess.
Also, the paint job is SO BAD, you’ll probably want to cover it with stickers from beer bottles and stuff.

User tomhall also has one of these bikes, and has been riding it longer and harder than I have, so perhaps pm him and ask if he’s ever had any issues.

There was one in the window of the bikeshop near Ikea Richmond, very cheap.

not as good as the Felt track bikes, did you want a 58cm one? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fuck alex, I’d trade you, but no.