Fuji track

Bought this off a guy for a couple hundred to use as a second bike for winter.

Put on a thomson stem I had laying about + some r1z0rz (rebull can shim).

Replaced the worlds shittiest pedals/straps with some bmx pedals and Saint Cloud hold fasts.

Oh and also covered the hideous paint job with a bunch of stickers I had and changed the cog to something bigger than the stock 16t.

Feels a bit big and has geometry slacker than a dole bludger but is still a lot of fun to ride!

Man sweet ride, riser bars all the way…

It goes okay as a second bike for winter, glad it isn’t my daily ride.

Winter bike…no fenders?

It’s more of a winter/pub bike, something to not care about to much.
I do have a guard for the back on rainy days, keeping a look out for a full set of fenders though.

no… not at all.

I had a fuji track once covered in very similar stickers

good stuff

Thinking about stripping it of it’s hideous stickers/paint and giving a new color…Or leave it raw.

then you sold it to me!

took me ages to get those horrendous essendon bombers stickers off! now its being recovered in much better stickers, the original paint job isn’t all that nice.

*super cool essendon stickers

Once an Essendon supporter, always an Essendon supporter.

I am unsure what is worse, Essendon bombers stickers or the original paint job. Both are quite harsh on the eyes.

Bombers for lyf