fukin bar tape.....help

Taped up my first full set of drops… help with technique please? bottom to top ?

bottom to top!! wind out away from the bike so you don"t pull the tape apart when your in the drops… try and stretch it out even on both sides and if you fuck it up un tape it try again ( just don’t tear it…)
also youTube could really help you out if you need a visual

Bottom to top, and start wrapping towards the bike.

Look on the Park Tools website, they have a great article with a visual guide on how to wrap correctly

agree with this, i used youtube to get a better idea the first time i did a set of bars.

also, if you’re frustrated, walk away for 20 minutes. i got shitty with mine on saturday night coz i was tired. went and watched telly for a while then had another go. bang on first time!!

good luck :slight_smile:


spin it topwise. TOPWISE!!!

and twirling, always twirling!!

The way I remember it is: looking down at the drops while sitting on the bike, the lines of the bar tape should make a forward facing arrow pattern, like so:

/ / / /|

<—Front of bike

\ \ \ |

I like arrow visual there. Might remember that. The reason I was told for taping towards the top tube, is that when your hands are on the bar, they’re tightening the tape, rather than pulling it apart/ loosing it. If you understand that, taping is pretty easy really.

^that’s true. although when you’re in the drops you’ll be twisting the other way, so if you spend most of your time in the drops, or are wrapping the drops only, you should wrap away from the bike like sugarkane said.

+1 - can be found here: Park Tool Website