Funky new bike for a lady?

Just looking for some recommendations for a funky new bike for a girl.
Not fixed. Could be SS or have some gears.

What have people seen around?

Soma Mixte? I have a 58cm if she’s 6 feet tall.

  • Joel

I was tempted to bid on this a few days ago


This is still my favourite by a long way.

I’ve just build my lady a Surly 1x1. If she’s happy with the geometry and ride it’ll get a custom paintjob
and be all silver, pink and white.

My gf just got one of these.

After knee jerk buying a step through thing, she has ridden this 4 times more in the last month than she did the old bike in almost a year…she loves it.
It just reinforces the idea to get a girl a nice fast lightish bike rather than a heavy piece of shit.

My GF’s 6 feet tall, could be perfect.

On related subjects, I need to get a saddle for her as everything she’s tried so far is painfull on the “front bum”.

After reading some threads on LFGSS I’m leaning towards trying out a Brooks B17.

I should add that she changed the stock saddle to the Brooks b17 and loves it.

lol front bum… wouldnt hurt to get her wearing a bib maybe? turbo’s are relatively comfy

Not for a short trip to the cafe. Need to find something that will work with non-bike-specific clothing.

I will either luck in and find somethign great straight away or end up with a stockpile of saddles.

How tall is she?

My “front bum” disagrees.

Wife has one of these on her roadie and rates it. But she always wears knicks.

Just got her one of these for the Surly 1x1 coffee cruiser I’ve built her.

i found out on the weekend that the saddle i have on the roadie is a ladies saddle.

it’s a specialized ariel (143 width). came with that yellow orlando track bike i bought. i figured it was a ladies saddle with a name like ariel, but i couldn’t give a shit, it’s sooooo comfy.

looks like this:

my advice would be to go to a store, get her onto one of the sit bone measuring devices and go from there. i did this on the weekend and got a specialized avatar. yet to try it out, but good knowing i can take it back if it doesn’t fit right. i also found out my saddle should be a 143mm, which would explain why the ariel saddle is so comfy for my ass.

These have been fairly well recommended but again - needs to be normal clothes compatible.

its probably time to tuck the burger… or adjust the angle? mine rides a turbo and says its fine…(she’s not a million kilos either, so no added ‘padding’ in that area) p.s. not trying to push buying a turbo just sayin’

is it a normal turbo or a ladies turbo? mine couldn’t bear to sit on the normal Turbo, but loves her ladies turbo.

i’ve got an old Gel Turbo on the Kypo, it is horrendous on my gooch…

I was think more like one of those Japanese funky things with 20" wheels???

Who makes them?

Anyone selling anything like a Soma Mini Velo is Oz?

cycroc mini velo, two on fixed for sale!