Funny how the smallest things can make you almost stack your bike...

This evening I was riding down Brunswick St, approaching the Alexandra Pde intersection when suddenly I rode over a perfectly flat-crushed Coke can that became inextricably attached to the underside of my front tire. This of course meant I couldn’t steer my bike and it was only because I was slowing down for the intersection that I didn’t stack the bike completely. My legs flailed around, my shoulder was jerked and I was left wondering what the hell just happened.
Then I noticed this tiny little Coke can on the road that caused all this… bahhh!!

Weird how the tiniest of things can cause such massive issues…

:evil: yeah! Just ask Damo about that time with the plastic takeout container lid (I have yet to see a better skid/Near stack With a 10.3 difficulty quater twist for style points)

Yeah i still cant believe that one myself. What i cant forget is Nick’s (Snowflakes) fantastic laugh!

Damn I missed both of these, pissed :wink:

Well, I ran over a cat today and went flying over the handlebars and stacked it pretty bad :cry:

I don’t even know where it came from, I assume it jumped out of a drain. I was just cruising along minding my own business when next moment Im flying through the air over my handlebars!

I get up and see a cat running away and jumping down another drain, and there was white fluff all over my tyre!

what happens when you get your branch caught in the front wheel

Youtube or it didn’t happen.

May I suggest you leave your branch at home next time you go for a ride? :smiley:

suggestion noted :wink:

My dad has one of those cool branch broken bikes :mrgreen:

Also striped a quarter of the spokes off the wheel.

they’re the new hipster pistas.
i only managed to ding a spoke. wheel was still true. the same couldn’t be said for the frame though.

I rode over a pigeon once. It made a bit of a pop and my legs got covered in Sky Rat blood. I think I set a land speed record getting home to wash that parasite loaded crap off me

It would have looked pretty funny and disturbing (from the cats point of view)

A black mercedes was going past at the time, they didn’t stop, but I sensed they laughed at me.

bwahaha. i hate those fuckers so much. so many of them that hassle you when you’re eating outside on Swanston st. they get all in your face and you can see how diseased and gross they are. i’ve had them put me off my meal before.

anyone seen “24 hour party people”?

poisoning pigeons in the park

Tom Lehrer

Nice! Didn’t think there’d be too many others out there who knew of the singing mathematician.

edit: canna spell

singing mathematicians you say?