Funny Story

I bought this lovely frame because I liked the geo and that it’s an Aussie frame.
Vintage Track Frame Mcbain Record RARE Track/Fixie (eBay item 260704081694 end time 16-Dec-10 20:40:34 AEDST) : Sport

Thing is the paint job is as ugly as fuck!!! Really ugly!!!
So I decided to get it repainted. Firstly hot alcaline dipping and then two prime coats, two coats of the colour and then a clear coat. It was supposed to take 5 working days but due to the flooding in Brisbane it took more like 11 working days. I won’t tell you the colour I picked but will show in later pics.
Anyway I’m all excited to see the frame yesterday and they send me away for another hour while the 55 degree baking session finishes. I come back and they roll this massive rack out of this oven expecting me to be jumping for joy…it wasn’t my frame!!! It was exactly the right colour and looked better than expected but it wasn’t my frame.
They did find my frame though. It had had a $30-$40 powdercoating job in bright white!! It looked like shit, really shit!!
Get it all sorted out on Monday…bugger but what am I going to do? Cry?

Elle oh elle


I hope it all works out OK.

I think the same thing happened to me when I was born but my “parents” couldn’t wait till Monday :wink:

That is terrible.
Perhaps the person who ordered the pc job will just take the painted frame, save the guys on a respray.
Also, we did that at work with a lounge chair once. Covered it, took it to the ladies house, and she was like ‘lolwut’

Do you think I deserve anything back from this mess?
I haven’t been disadvantaged except in the length of time it’ll take to get it done all over again. I hope they don’t try to rush it for me and not do a good job.
Do you think I deserve a discount (I’ve already paid) for this job or should I get another paint job for free or something or am I just being a prick?

Yes the frame that was my painted my colour will definitely be keeping it that colour!! It looked fantastic!!!

Mistakes happen. As long as your happy with the final job i wouldn’t be complaining. The paintjob that bike came with on the other hand would be something to complain about :slight_smile:

I think that as long as yours turns out fine and you’re happy with that then that’s where it should end. They already have the work of removing and repainting your bike so they’ll know about their silly mistake when it comes to time and materials and maybe even take a loss. Next time you use the same guys they’ll think “he was cool with regard our stuff up” and I’m sure they’ll look after you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Same with LBS’s - if they put the issue right, I’m prepared to cut some slack as these thing happen. Ultimately, if you want something done perfect and right the first time it helps to put it all down in writing and attach it with the frame as nobody remembers all the details in a conversation like we as a customer would expect.

2 rules

never say “take your time, I’m not in a hurry

if they say it’ll be ready Monday afternoon, head there Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning

once again, papa spirito speaks troof.

True that. I just got a frame back that was going to take “seven weeks” to repair and paint. It took just over three years…

I feel your pain. My Hetchins is ready this week (I hope). It’s been over 3 years since I first acquired it.

you powdercoated an old lady’s armchair?
were you all like “PUNK*D LOLOLOL!!!”

That’s almost what happened, except with more ‘oh, shit’ and less annoying hosts.